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tv   Forbes on FOX  FOX News  December 15, 2012 8:00am-8:30am PST

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>> the entire nation in mourning as we learn brand new details about the 26 innocent victims depuned down in sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. good morning to you, i am john scott in new york. >> i am gena lee 60 miles from
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where john is. it is reflecting as well. we were on the air 11:00 eastern time when we first tart tod understand what was taking place in sandy hook elementary school. the information came out so slowly and some of the initial information that we received turned out to be false. we explained for our viewers a moment ago and hopefully you saw the mary ann an jacob. she was able to get the 18 fourth graders in a storage close yest pushed the file cab nes and he heard the banging on the door she didn't want to open up. shed for the badge to be slipped underneath the door because they were simply afraid as we all understand. one thingings that we are continuing to watch in newtown
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the media staging area. we heard from the state police an hour ago and we should be error hearing from the superintendent of the schools any time this hour. we are craving for more information and try to piece together exactly what happened. >> it is misterous what motivated the gunman 20 year old adam lanza forced his way in the school yesterday morning . this is a picture from 2005. he is said to have been a very smart kid, but one who didn't engage a lot with other students, described by some as a nerd and a goth and one who dressed in dark colors. so many questions about what led this young man to snap and go on the rampage. we'll take you back to
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newtown. peter doocy was at the press conference and we learned a little bit about where we are at in the investigation, peter. >> jenny, you and john talk being the big question among everybody who is heart broken. class mates andco workers and why. why did a twen year old go in an elementary school and shoot 20 students and six adults. it sounds like police have a lot of the evidence and they want to know what caused this and the move ive and there is a lot of evidence inside of the school, the weapons were recovered not to far away from the gunman's deceased body after he shot himself. and a lot of evidence outside. every car is park are the crime scene and there is a lot of evidence in the secondary location which is where this
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gunman shot his mother and we have a bite from the chief of police. >> our investigators in the crime scene and secondary crime scene where the female was located deceased did produce very good evidence in this investigation and our investigators will be use in paping the complete picture as to how and more personly why this occurred. and something else they said gena is going to be critical in the investigation, the count of the single survivors and one adult woman who was shot and survived. she is recovering well and sounds like whatever she tells the authorities will help them a lot and piece thinths together. >> there were heros. mary nan jacobs keeping her kids safe. she called the secretary a hero and she called the office and heard over the
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innercomsomething was going on. it seems like there are folks out there that are truly heroric also the process of what it is like to gather news on this story. >> we are told initially when the calls came out there was a shooting in the elementary school. on duty and off duty officers all responded and we have been hearing reports of shattered glass and we learned that all of that extra shattered glass is because the same way the gunman had to force himself in the school since they didn't want him in there, the police and on duarteduty police officers had to force themselves because the school was on lock down and tichers and students were so scared and with all of the fourth graders, you heard they cannot want to open the door until the police got there until they saw a badge.
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it difficult to gather news on this, when you hear the store tores and talk to the colleagues and the library clerk told us how it was not until at a got to the fire house and looking class by class, all of the students are lined yup two first grade classes that were not there. only a few students were present out of two entire classes and when you look at the numbers, it is staggering. and information for them. and we were speaking to the local journalist and they were overcome with emotion as to what happened in their community. nyeah. it is difficult, and it is one of those things, where it is it a very, very maul town, and everyone. as somebody who is the husband of a teacher of another school in the district. normal low when you hear about a world event it is it degrees
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of. and here it is it one degree. the names of the victims will not be released until the medical examiner is finished with work. they are all identified and removed from the school. but the medical examiner still has work to do. but the fear that is gripping the folks, when those come out of the 20 children and 6 adults, it is going to be somebody that they are potentially very close tompt >> 20 years 5-tep years old. john, as peter pointed out to us. you mentioned mary ann jacob and we go back to that tore store because it was one of the most detailed first hand account that we received today . show justed how tight-knit the community. mary ann, her children went to the elementary cool. and she was president of the
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pta and she returned and worked there four-five years in the library while her children go to the neighboring high school. you can just see from that one example how close-knit the community is. nand talking about the heros and the principal and a school psychicologist and in a meet they ran boo the hallway to try to stop the commotion and shot dead there. news unfolded yesterday. details and conflicting reports flooded in throughout the day. here is a time line of the events as we learned them yesterday. >> breaking new to tell you about right now. there is reports of a school shooting in newtown, connecticut. we know few detailsment state police responded to a report of a shooting in sandy hook
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elementary school . kindergarten through fourth grade. >> a dispatcher with a newtown voluntarily ambulance corp said one teacher was transported to a nearby hospital possible with a gun shot wound . >> it is difficult to see if one of the wat teems that was reponding and armored vehicles heading to the colask they race to newtown from all over connecticut. >> one gunman, maybe two and two respects that one gunman may be dead. as you can understand it is a fast-moving and fluid situation in the school. >> it is it important on a day like today to view this as i know the president as a father does and i as a father and others who are parents. certainly do, which is to feel
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enormous sympathy for families that are affected and to do everything we can. nsources are telling fox nuse that 26 people are dead at this point. 8 adults including the children and 18 children. they heard the gun shots and they are trying to understand what happened. and we tell them in details it is going to be much worse. >> one source suggested that the young man may have been a young man 20 years old and may live in new jersey and may be a separate situation and crime scene where they kicked down the door of that person's hope. we are trying to confirm that at this hour . we don't know the identity of the gunman. there were fatalities at the scene. students and staff.
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there is it no information released at this time until we have proper notification. >> it is it sheer terror and, and, a sense of immediate urigencey to get to your child and protect them. >> the president is set to make remark about the shooting. let's listen. nthis afternoon i spoke to governor malloy and fbi director mueller and offered my condolences on behalf of the nation and made it clear he will have every single risource to investigate the heinous crime, care for the victims, counsel their families. as respected there were fatalities, there were 18 children pronounced dead at the school. two transported to area helps and pronounced dead at area hospitals and six adults
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pronounced dead at the scene of the school. >> and this happened six hours ago. and there is it a lot of evidence processed and all of the scenes are investigated including a apparently the home of the shooter's mother in newtown where an adult body was. there are conflicting respects about the at that timus of the shooter's father and conflict being reports on the shooter himself. >> the majority of those who died today were children . beautiful kids between the anals of 5-10 years old. they had their entire lives ahead of them, birthdays, graduations, weddings, and kids of their own.
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among the fallen were also teachers, men and women who devoted their lives to helping our children fulfill their dreams and our hearts are broken today for the parent depland importantas and'res and brothers of this little children and the families that were lost. the nation wonders how one man can go on a rampage and carnage. the adults helped to ciph the children and prevent the catastrophe from even accident worse. gena. nit was a difficult tore store and has been a difficult story and challenging to say the least to report out. one of the first lessons you learn as a yournalist. first reports that you get are
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most inaccurate. of the heros wanted things that we later tound were not true. and you can share the light on this as well. talk about the things we now learned. y wa the shoot ares name is adam lanza and the father was dead. and thoothat is not true. as we know now. and on the air, first heard that there might be two shooters on the scene and we later learned at least according to the reports now that that is not true. >> in the early part of these investigations. there might be multiple phone call to 911 and you get differing descriptions and i suppose that's the reason that they thought were tootwo --
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two shooters. adam lanza carried the id of ryan lanza who is four years old and apparently according to the media reports has not actually spoke tone his younger brother in about two years. i have to presume that that was by design. he wanted to help confuse law enforcement as to the identity of the man they were looking at. and especially in the age of twitter and book bock. a lot of information came out from those sources and it was not necessarily accurate. >> right. >> we struggle to get the best information that we can to our viewers in a situation awful like nthank you very much it is one of the questions that so many of us aring. we keep going back to what makes a person do this? so many words. some call tragedy and it is it
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a murder of our most innocent. doctor, picking up on the conversation that yawn and i just had about staying close to the facts. where do you start here? >> everyone of us, partners, - parents and citizens and community members and friends . we are all partners of newtown children. since my early days of yale and i am from that area and i extra sense of pain. now to your question, the facts are, as in aurora and as in arizona and virginia tech as in virtually every single case
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that the secret service conducted. is it is preceded by an undiagnosed and untreated menal illness. we need to be careful with information that over the last 24 hours, increasing information came in from family members, from friends and from students. that adam lanza as you have mentioned was disturbed and removed, and isolated and the fact matter is, like aurora, like arizona, like virginia tech, that is the key diagnostic sign of someone who is 20 years old of a machine who is delusional. and riulent and parinoid and able to commit such a horrific
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act. most schizophrenia people are not riulent but it is what we have seen in homes and what we may see in this case. >> doctor as you pointed out. we may see in this case. and you point to significant patterns. nthere eing signs. nthere are, but how should we navigate this? we want to provide and explain a bit of what happened here but don't want to use diagnosiss to justify the actions. help us with that. >> it is it very clear way of justifying diagnosis do not justify and as long as we think that we will not be able to prevent the evebs. diagnosis provide the
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explanation . when choin virginia tech was parinoid and gathering his body armor and weapons and preparing his assault. he was doing that because he was parinoid. if he was properly treated at that time, that evep would not have occurred. hol mes was preparing his apartment for a explosion to enleash on the movie theater his psychiatrist knew and was concerned about temperature if it was prevented, it would not happen. the time has come for us razz merps, as -- as americans and citizens and identify them and see them and prevent them and so that bee don't need -- we don't nations leak today that our children are griving for the country. >> we can prevent thesentious
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vens from occurring, if we will teach people educators and parents we can do this. it is it a national. >> you give us a lot to and we appreciate your insight. thank you for joining us on a day like today, yawn we watch the breaking news emerge. >> we are learning that the school shooter adam lanza was not let in the building police say he forced his way in and sandy hook elementary school had reported lie install would a new security system. what else can schools do to protect the schools? we'll have the answers next. >> it is horrible that such evil exist in the united
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on fox nuse we report from newtown, connecticut, one accounts that we continually return to is a woman who was walking with her husband in a field behind me and she came upon the news vehicles. she is a library clerk who was inside of the school with 18 fourth graders when the shots first rang out. one of the things she told us the school in the years she worked for had practiced. they practiced and they knew what to do. take a listen. >> i think the kids were scared but they are scared when it is a drill. the fire alarm goes off and it is scary for the little kids. i don't think until we opened the door and there were cops with giantic guns and escorted them out did they real. >> what were the children saying in the closest.
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nhow long did that take? >> we didn't know and we let them in at first. they founded on the thape were plose and they put a badge from under the door and we let the kids out then. we got to the fire house at tin time 30. nyou were there an hour. ni think so. njohn, mary ann us they had gone over the different drills and she was with the 18 fourth graders and tight as we were arown trying to talk to her. and one of the lucky things, in that torage closest they had crayions and paper and they troyed to get the kids to draw and worry their questions. >> it state your namely sounds like she and the other teachers did a fantastic job
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of keeping the kids safe as they could. there is a report of ianitor running through the halls warning teacher to keep their doors cloyced because of the shooting. to my knowledge we don't know what happened to the janitor and whether he survived. sandy hook elementary had install a new security system and coordinating lock down drills. despite the caution the gunman got n. >> we'll talk about it with michael dorm. it is it a nonprofit organization that helps cools improve crisis preparedness and campus safety. >> would you say given what we know stow far, this school did a presidenty good job of taking care of this unimaginable situation. >> first all of our analyst and volunteers would like to
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express condolences for the terrible, terrible question. i have done fonce -- forerencic evasions and it is early to tell. i am seeing indications of a number of good things they am hearing. one to understand, a simple error can dramatically change the casulties delay of locking a door in a lock down it can change the outcome. it is early to tell. a lot of the things i am hearing and why have to remember that nothing is it fool proof. ine our best efforts can't protect us from some situations . nwe understand from the time line that police released that the gunman shot and killed his own mother. imagine the depravity there can heads to the school with the intention of opening fire. even a locked school didn't
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keep him out. now that is it pretty much routine. this school was locked and we heard from lieutenant paul vance he aparently shot his way in and mashed his way in to open the dor. that is responsible for the part of the school it seems. nwe have to look at your weakest happening linth're link. if you have glass and someone shoots out a wipo and schools don't realize they have to put protective laminate on the class . we don't know if it would have maid a difference. i worked with lieutenant vance before and he is a sharp ipo and they are getting out information quickly for the mag magnitude of the details. we focus on evidence based approaches of how people account under stress .
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